Things To Consider Before You Choose Your Wedding Videographer

Finding the perfect wedding videographer is not as easy as you think because there are so many videographers in and out the city you would like to hire. But different things may alter your decision like your budget, their style, the way they work with their clients, etc. but finding the best videographer will run a long way to make your day a perfectly captured one. So, here are some tips that will help you sort this problem.

Research comes first

Starting early at least a year before to plan your wedding will leave a lot of room for you to freely do your research without a stressful mind. All you need is to collect good resources to make your search. You can check in bridal magazines, wedding magazines, papers and also Google. You might have one videographer in mind but it’s always best to look for other options around you as well. You never know whether you might come across a better personality with a reasonable budget for your day.

Check their online websites

Most videographers maintain their own websites and also social media sites. These are ways they try to popularize themselves and these are the best ways for you gather information about them. Check their galleries, couples they have worked with, their packages, prices and specially testimonials. The general feedback they have in their websites and social media sites is the best way to know how people look at their work and to know how quality their service is. Make sure every dollar is worth spending on wedding cinematography in Singapore.

Focus on a style you like

Like wedding photography has several styles, videography too has some style you would like to try. You can check online for better examples and similar videos. Documentary, cinematic and vintage are some of these styles in videography. Consider the location you will be having your ceremony and the theme of your wedding so everything blends well and the output will be amazing. 

Cinematic is when the video is set to music, has trailers and also requires heavy editing, documentary style bring out the natural progress of the wedding day and also uses natural sounds for the video. Vintage is shot using 8mm tapes.

Check for similar videos

It might be time wasting to go through all their productions. This is why you need to mainly focus on the similar setting of videos that goes with your wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then look for outdoor wedding videography he/she has done. You will be wearing your wedding gown for several hours but you will be holding your wedding video for a long time. So, choose one wisely.

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