Guidelines To Looking Professional

Dressing professional is important in any office or work environment. Your outer appearance is what is first judged by those around you and is what helps build an idea in their minds. Hence the reason we all dress up for interviews and on the first days of joining a new place. However, what happens after the first few days and you start running out of clothes? Buying a new set of clothes may not be the solution after all. Here are a few guidelines from managing facial hair to why you need to get regular pedicures to looking professional. If you are interested about mens suit you can visit this site

Managing Facial Hair

Let’s start off with facial hair. This is a tricky area, especially for men. While almost all women get regular salon appointments to get their facial hair plucked or bleached, men tend to be sloppy in this matter and let it grow out. However, it is important to remember that your beard is as important as the striking handmade suit you wear. In creating a professional outlook, it is important to have well cut or styled facial hair which is sharp and helps define your features. While some prefer a clean cut face, there are others that look very handsome in a nice stubble. Whichever it may be, it is important to maintain it and not let it grow out of hand and overwhelm your face. If you are looking to grow a beard, find out your facial shape and styles which suit it.

Foot Wear and Pedicures

You would have already heard that the first thing an interviewer looks at is one’s feet. The shoes and feet are supposed to define a person’s hygiene. A dirty pair of shoes or un- pedicured nails with chipped ends give an impression of one who does not give attention to detail, even if your mens shirt in Singapore is ironed to a crease. Therefore, especially ladies, when wearing open toed heels or shoes, make sure to have your toe nails clipped and if necessary, painted, while men must remember to keep their shoes polished and cleaned at all times.

Over- Accessorise

Do not ever over- accessorizes! While accessories can complete an outfit, it can easily destroy one too. While artists and designers tend to wear multiple shawls, necklaces and bracelets, unless you intend on looking like Professor Trelawney at work, make sure to pick a limited number of carefully selected accessories for each outfit. Wearing too many things will only prove a distraction to others and stop them from taking you seriously. Find out elegant pieces of jewelry or purse that complements your look in a more professional manner.

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