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Passion That Stems From Memories

Childhood memories play a major role in what we become in our life. How we turn out as adults has got a lot with what we were shown and given during our childhood days. This is why parent try so hard to give their children the best education and the best of things during their childhood. Our career ambitions also come from a similar passion that has gotten something to do with happy memories in our childhood. From professional photographers to chefs to singers. If they all go back to their childhood they would be able to pinpoint a certain point in their childhood where they remember having a passion for what they are currently dong. Having a moment in their childhood which brings back happy and joyful memories, of how they shared this passion with their parents or siblings. So basically when we choose to do something with our life as adults we are always looking back at the past to give us a clue as to what we really want to do.  

But it’s not only career paths such as a professional chef working in an Italian restaurant Singapore, even home cooks draw inspiration from their childhood in order to pursue their hobbies and what they love to do. They have lingering memories of watching their moms and their grandmothers cook. They have those memories of sitting on the kitchen bench and helping them out, even though at that time they didn’t have a clue about what they were doing. But they just lived in that moment and soaked in the pleasure of being able to act like an adult even if it was for just a little while. And these are what count as precious memories for them.  

Sometimes this passion is so driven that even though they have chosen a different career path, their heart lies only with food, and half way through they take the risk of changing things around in their life. They decide to take up a catering Singapore business or something like that to kick start a whole new career with something that they are passionate about because they know that their heart lies in the kitchen and with cooking. So they just want to follow it.  

They take the risk of making such a big change in their life, because they know that if it all works out they would be happy doing it all there, and if it doesn’t then they would still have the satisfaction of having tried to do it. At least they know they wouldn’t have to live with regret throughout their life.  

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Nail Your Online Presence!

Once upon a time, it was ‘old-fashioned’ marketing that people relied on to get a message out there. From banners to leaflets, posters and other promotional gimmicks that included mascots giving way free goodies on the road, the efforts stretched to their maximum; today, some of these are still very much in use, however as an extra push. Ever since the introduction of the internet, it has become almost a mandatory need for companies to invest in websites to further propel them forward and give them the exposure they need. Its effects are clearly visible when you log online and are faced with the sheer volume of various sites that together amount to beyond the thousands. Which is why priorities have slightly shifted now, and it has become more important to have quality websites as opposed to mindless ones. So what should you consider?


It is actually quite similar to if you were to be aimlessly wandering about the streets somewhere, in the hopes that it will at some point get you back on track or onto a road you know by some stroke of luck. Of course you could stand some chance of this working out in your favour but you also have quite a heavy chance of it failing. In the end, you have wasted a colossal amount of time and effort getting you nowhere. Now if you had an end goal where you had a location mapped out beforehand, you could have been better prepared since you have a purpose in mind. It is the same when choosing a website designing company in Singapore. Stay focused on why you want it out there.


A common mistake startup entrepreneurs and newbies to the website foray make is that they tend to get carried away in the frills and fancies of the design and forget all about the functionality aspects. They forget that people will not simply be looking at their site, they will be attempting to use it. A site that has been poorly structured in functionality is guaranteed for failure. Consider its usability the core of your site; without it, nothing else will fall into place. Make sure it is user-friendly, simplified and time-saving and also it’s better to find a professional designer.

The thing about technology is that it keeps on changing and we need to change and adapt with it. It is not always easy, since at times it involves upheaving entire systems and operational methods you have grown accustomed to. Today, along with having a fully functional site, it is also important to ensure that it is compatible with your mobile. Smartphones are all the rage now and if you invest in good e-commerce solutions, they should begin work bearing this fact in mind.


Just as you would not jump to buy a phone from the first place you see selling it, in the same way take your time when choosing a proper place to handle your online work. There are so many companies out there claiming to be good at what they do, but you cannot ever take their word for it. Have a look at their own websites to get a feel of who they are, browse through their portfolio of work and find out how long they have been around and what sort of reputation they carry in the industry. These should help save you a lot of trouble in the long-run!

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