Wedding Planning Does Not Come Easy

A wedding could be simply described as a beautiful ceremony of a couple, it’s their big day. The hardest part is the amount of planning that has to be done by the couple and their family. There will be so many guests on this day and everything has to happen to a given schedule. Today this role is mostly played by the Wedding planner. The planner gives a huge relief to the family members by taking over this Job. However there are certain things that a planner has to keep in mind when doing his/her part.

The wedding planner must always give priority to the couple when choosing the bridal outlets that will provide services for their ceremony. For an example when choosing the Bride’s outfit, Jewellery, Hotel, Wedding Stationary, flower shop, Honeymoon Packages and ordering gifts online. The planner has to have an easy going and an understanding personality in coping up with the work.

She /He has to have a better understanding of the entire ceremony, such as the number of guests that are coming, of any events that may occur during the ceremony , any particular customs that the couple has to go through and especially prior to the wedding day she/he has to check if all the things are in order. It could be done by confirming through a visit or by a phone call to the makeup artist, jeweller, hotel service, flower shop in Singapore and most importantly with the couple.

The planner carries so much of duties. She/he has to check if there are any faults in the bride’s outfit, if the flowers are in good condition, about the decorations at the wedding, taste trials of food, photography, jewellery, speech of the maid of honour, to get along with the wedding crew and many more.

On the wedding day too, the planner has to be well aware of the ceremony from the starting point to the end. As the responsibility of the day lies on the hands of the planner, she/he has a duty to take care of the things without stressing the couple or the members of their family. If the planner does a great job, he/she will be given an honest recommendation from the couple and will have so many opportunities in the near future. The key point to get everyone’s attention is to conduct the ceremony thinking it’s as if his/her own day. The goal is to bring out the best as possible and make the couple happy as it will be one of their memorable days.