Playing Dress Up – Safe Items To Give Your Tiny Tot

Children love to imitate adults. In fact, this is a crucial part of their learning process, where they imitate what they see and are socialized into the behavioural patterns of that culture. Most of the time, their actions are cute but sometimes their experiments can be downright dangerous. In addition to keeping an eye on them, here are some items that can be safely handed to them as props to play with. Bear in mind however, that anything – even a children’s toy – can be turned into something dangerous.

Mummy’s Clothes and Stuff

Children, especially toddlers, love to dress up as mummy and daddy because they are the first adults they see. Some items such as suitcases, bags, and even shoes can be quite dangerous however. The point of a heel or the heavy corner of a suitcase can injure children quite easily. Instead of handing them the genuine article, keep dummies that are safe and that they can play with without fear. A jelly purse in Singapore which looks exactly like a leather one and a rubber shoe the same size of a real high heeled shoe can take care of that.

Make Up and Personal Care Items

Children often watch their fathers shave and then try to replicate that movement with ‘razors’ of their own – fortunately, they are often just toothbrushes. They also try to apply makeup and may end up ingesting a lipstick that was too old to be applied, let alone swallowed. Cosmetics and personal care equipment are extremely hazardous and should never be given to children. Even if normal makeup is harmless for adults, the chemicals may still be too strong for children. Instead, buy toy makeup sets that include fake lipsticks, mirrors, compacts and buy a Toyboy bag to hold it all so that your child is not harmed. There are manufacturers who even make specialized makeup sets for children that avoid the use of any toxic material and certify them child-friendly. If you are interested about jelly bag you can visit this site

Kitchenware and Other Props

It goes without saying that nothing in the kitchen should be given to children for any purpose, especially if they have sharp edges. Even bowls and spoons have a tendency to poke at eyes and noses in children’s hands so avoiding them altogether is a good idea. Phones are also a major part of children’s playtime now since they are so common, however, real phones emit radio frequencies that can damage their brains if they use it all the time, so either buy your children toy phones or put your phones on airplane mode before you hand it to them.

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